Grade 10 ICT Unit 01 Exam

Data and Information, What is ICT ? Use of ICT , advantages and dis advantages of ICT, History of computer or Evolution of computers

Grade 10 ICT Unit-01 Test by Mohamed Irfan

Grade 10 ICT Unit - 02 Exam

Types of computers, Parts of computers, Input devices, output devices, storage, ports, Networks, type of network, Communication media

Grade 10 ICT Unit - 4 Test

Basic Gates, Combinational Gates, Circuit design and truth table

Grade 10 ICT Unit 04 Exam by Mohamed Irfan

Grade 10 ICT Unit - 03 Test

Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal number system, number system conversion, storage measuring unit, storage order by cost, capacity and access speed.

Grade 10 ICT Unit -03 Exam by Mohamed Irfan

G-10 ICT Unit - 05 - Operating System

What is OS, type of OS, Function of OS, GUI, CLI, File, Type of software, Utility software in the OS